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For questions about diaries: records of events kept by an individual. If the question is about a specific diary, please include a tag for the author as well.

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What is the origin of the third-person descriptive interludes in the Diaries of Isabelle Eberhardt?

I've started reading The Diaries of Isabelle Eberhardt (English translation by Nina de Voogd, edited and annotated by Elizabeth Kershaw). The original was written largely in French, with a few ...
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Does a memoir need to include a reliable narrator?

After reading a memoir excerpt about a drug addict, who was jealous of his peer, I began wondering if the author is intending to be unreliable. The memoir's account was practically as drunk as the ...
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Is there any difference between The Motorcycle Diaries Ocean press publication and film tie-in edition?

I recently bought the Harper Perennial Film tie-in edition of The Motorcycle Diaries. But after that I came to know that the original edition was published by Ocean press. So, is there any difference ...
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What was the earliest diary by a European poet, dramatist or novelist?

The earliest surviving diary by a poet is probably the Tosa Diary by the tenth-century Japanese poet Ki no Tsurayuki. More details about this diary can be found on the Diary Review blog. The Diary ...
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Did Thomas Wolfe keep a diary?

For someone who wrote very autobiographical novels to the point of receiving death threats for his Look Homeward, Angel, I wonder whether he wrote a diary. Did he? If so, does it contradict any of his ...
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Where did Gerrit de Veer publish his diary?

Not so long ago I saw the film Nova Zembla, a fictionalized retelling of the voyage as described in Gerrit de Veer's diary. On his Wikipedia page, there is only one mention about his published diary: ...
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