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Questions tagged [dialect]

Questions about the representation of non-standard and regional dialects in literature.

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Meaning of "ushel" in Willa Cather's short story "The Sculptor's Funeral"

Near the beginning of "The Sculptor's Funeral," a character says, "Jim's ez full ez a tick, ez ushel.” Indeed, Jim does habitually drink to excess. Does "ushel" mean "...
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What is the metre in the Scotch dialect of Thrawn Janet by Robert Louis Stevenson? [closed]

What is the metre of this specific part of dialect: e.g is it iambic, trochaic, spondaic, anapaestic, dactylic? Fifty years syne, when Mr. Soulis cam’ first to Ba’weary, he was still a young man––a ...
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What is the dialect in "The Origin of White Folks" and what does it add to the poem?

I found "The Origin of White Folks" by Annie Virginia Culbertson (it's pretty far down the page) while reading a news article and became intrigued by its accent. The poem is clearly written ...
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Do Stevenson's pirates speak in Cornish dialect?

In a literature-related thread on another SE site, I found the claim that the pirates in Robert louis Stevenson's Treasure Island speak in a Cornish dialect. This makes sense only thematically (given ...
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