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Questions tagged [definition-of-literature]

Questions pertaining to the various definitions of literature.

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Are "choose your own adventure" books literature or games?

This question concerns "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. These are books that start out as a normal story, but then ask the reader to make a choice. (The book will say something to the ...
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Do advocates of authorial intent theories consider conscious intent on the author's part mandatory for something to constitute literature?

Related: Does computer-generated poetry, stories, etc. fit in any common definition of literature? And the associated reading challenge proposal that inspired the questions: https://literature.meta....
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How does the Nobel committee define literature?

As you probably know, Bob Dylan, a musician, was awarded the Nobel prize. He was the first musician to receive the Nobel prize. The Nobel committee, notably, seemed to avoid the word music when ...
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Was de Staël's On Literature Considered in Its Relations with Social Institutions influenced by late-18th-century German romantics?

In an answer to the question Can formal essays be considered as a literature in strict sense?, I wrote that our current definition of literature reflects a concept of literature that originated in ...
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