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Questions about the works of Dan Brown (born 1964) or his life as a writer. He is famous for his works such as 'Angels & Demons', 'The Da Vinci Code' and 'Inferno'.

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What is the CIA document mentioned in Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol?

I've searched for the phrases "It's buried out there somewhere", "cia 1991 portal document", etc. and all the results point to the Kryptos sculpture whose cleartext contains the ...
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Which two Indian states lifted the ban on The Da Vinci Code in or after 2006?

According to the Wikipedia article about Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code (emphasis mine), Possibly the largest reaction [against the novel] occurred in Kolkata, India, where a group of around 25 ...
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Do the new characters ever wonder about olders muses of Robert Langdon?

I was reading The Origin by Dan Brown, and wondered if Ambra Vidal ever thought about whatever happened to Sienna Brooks - Langdon's muse from Inferno? Or Sienna must have vetted Langdon knowing his ...
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What does “Until a man is nothing, God can make nothing out of him” mean?

I came across the following passage in Dan Brown’s fiction, “Inferno”: [...] their physical being and cosmic importance shrinking to the size of a mere speck in the face of God … an atom in the ...
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How did Sato get the file?

In Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, Sato convinces Bellamy and Langdon to help her by showing them a footage of weird masonic rites, attended by key US personalities. The video was shot by the antagonist ...
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What is the Grishneshwar Temple Drop as mentioned in Brown's "Origin"?

In chapter 17 of Dan Brown's Origin, he mentions something called the Grishneshwar Temple Drop. ... the slideshow concluded with a deeply unsettling video of an Indian cleric dangling a tiny infant ...
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What is the real "Consortium" as mentioned in Dan Brown's Inferno?

On the "FACT" page of the book Inferno by Dan Brown: "The Consortium" is a private organization with offices in seven countries. Its name has been changed for considerations of security and privacy....
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How was the albinism of Silas significant to the story line of 'The Da Vinci Code'?

In "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown (2003), was the albinism of Silas significant to the story line, or was its purpose only to make Silas more distinct?
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Are you required to read any of Langdon books by Dan Brown to properly understand and enjoy the next ones?

Technically speaking, Dan Brown's Langdon books are part of a series in a common universe. But at first glance, they don't seem to be all that related to each other - more like Fleming's 007 than ...
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