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Questions tagged [d-h-lawrence]

For questions about D. H. Lawrence (1885–1930) and his works. He is best known for his novels "Sons and Lovers", "The Rainbow", "Women in Love" and "Lady Chatterley's Lover".

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Meaning of "deep body" in this context?

I'm currently reading a book of D. H. Lawrence, "The Princess and other stories", and I encountered an adjective in "Sun" that I can't figure out entirely. I'm not a native English ...
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What is a "sixpenny hop" in D. H. Lawrence's "Sons and Lovers"?

From chapter XII of Sons and Lovers: There was a long pause. Mrs. Radford readjusted the bacon in the Dutch oven. His heart beat fast, for fear he had offended her. “Me!” she exclaimed at last. “No, ...
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How can Mrs Morel buy her son out of the army in D. H. Lawrence's "Sons and Lovers"?

It seems she could and she did it. But how? From chapter IX: Mrs. Morel had had a few pounds left to her by her father, and she decided to buy her son [Arthur] out of the army. He was wild with joy. ...
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What is the "tin box" in D. H. Lawrence's "Sons and Lovers"?

In chapter VII of Sons and Lovers, the Morel family are about to go on holiday, and a tin box is mentioned: He [Paul Morel] was master of the party; his father was no good. And great tortures he ...
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"The Rocking Horse Winner" Characterization

I'm trying to analyze the characters Basset, Oscar, Hester, and Paul in D.H. Lawrence's short story "The Rocking Horse Winner", to know which ones are round characters and which ones are ...
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Where did D. H. Lawrence say that (in his works) he is not concerned with character or personality?

Terry Eagleton's book How to Read Literature contains a chapter entitled "Character" which discusses various approaches toward "character" throughout the history of literature. One of the authors ...
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