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Questions tagged [cosmere]

For questions regarding Brandon Sanderson's grand collection of works across many different worlds in the same universe. At this point, there are only sparse connections between books (some "world-hoppers"), but the worlds may become more closely connected as they are expanded/created. Use in conjunction with [brandon-sanderson].

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What other Sanderson works are needed to get the references in "The Lost Metal"?

I recently read The Lost Metal, the last book in Mistborn Era 2. While I've caught a few other Sanderson works (specifically: Skyward, The Rithmatist, Stealheart, and sequels within each sub-series), ...
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Who narrates "Ars Arcanum" in The Alloy of Law?

I just finished The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson. As is the norm in many of Sanderson's Cosmere books, the story is followed by a short section titled "Ars Arcanum," with a description of some of ...
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Reading order for Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere

Brandon Sanderson has plans in place to write many books set in different worlds, but in the same Cosmere. These books include series that have already begun (eg Stormlight Archives, Elantris, ...
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