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Questions related to Charles Percy Snow or C. P. Snow (1905 – 1980) and his work. His fiction includes the Strangers and Brothers series. He is also known for his 1959 lecture The Two Cultures about the gulf between the sciences and the humanities.

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Was C.P. Snow's "The Two Cultures" about Britain specifically or western culture in general?

I was reading the Wikipedia page on C.P. Snow's article/lecture/book The Two Cultures, about the divide between science and the humanities in academia. The Wikipedia page seems to have a contradiction,...
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Why can't the candidates in "The Masters" vote for themselves?

C.P. Snow's "The Masters" revolves around the election of a new Master. There are a total of 13 voters of which the two candidates make up two. Because the split of the two candidates' "parties" is so ...
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