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Questions tagged [bertolt-brecht]

Questions about the works of the German author Bertolt Brecht (1898 – 1956) and his life as a writer. Brecht is best known as a playwright, but also wrote poems and short stories. Use this tag with the tag [german-literature].

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4 votes
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Have Bertolt Brecht's plays been influenced by Goldoni's "La guerra"?

Even if it seems that Goldoni's play La guerra ('The War') has never been translated into English, according to the translator Alexander Gross, the play was translated into German no fewer than five ...
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4 votes
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Source of Brecht quote, "I'm not trying to prove I'm right, but to find out whether", in Christie Malry

In the B. S. Johnson book Christie Malry's Own Double Entry there is a quote attributed to Bertolt Brecht saying I'm not trying to prove I'm right, but to find out whether. I'm trying to find the ...
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3 votes
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Brecht's Life of Galileo and the need for hero

Regarding Brecht's play The life of Galileo. There is a part where Andrea says 'unhappy the land that has no heroes' and Galileo says 'No, unhappy the land that needs heroes' Can you make reference to ...
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