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Questions tagged [ben-jonson]

Questions about the works of the English playwright and poet Ben Jonson (1572 – 1637) and his life as a writer. Jonson is best known for plays such as ' Every Man in His Humour', 'Volpone' and 'The Alchemist'. He also wrote masks, poems and a grammar of the English language.

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To which 'Argive queen' was Ben Jonson referring in his verse letter to the Countess of Rutland?

I came across a couplet today in Ben Jonson's verse letter "Epistle to Elizabeth Countess of Rutland" which I'm still trying to understand: How many equal with the Argive queen, Have beauty ...
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Did "drink to someone" imply the same thing back then?

In a popular song Drink To Me Only with Thine Eyes, first published in 1616 as To Celia by Ben Jonson, did the phrase drink to someone mean the same thing as nowadays, i.e. to say cheers for someone? ...
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