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Questions about the Bartimaeus Sequence of fantasy novels by Jonathan Stroud, consisting of 'The Amulet of Samarkand', 'The Golem's Eye', 'Ptolemy's Gate', and a prequel novel 'The Ring of Solomon'. Always use this tag with the [jonathan-stroud] tag.

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What is the significance of naming the djinni Bartimaeus?

In the Bartimaeus trilogy, the main character is the eponymous djinni Bartimaeus, a demon/spirit from "the Other Place" who is cheeky, witty, boastful, and at times surprisingly deep. Bartimaeus, ...
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How much can be pieced together of the alternate history in the Bartimaeus series?

The Bartimaeus series is set in an alternate-history world, in which the British Empire is ruled by a council of magicians who bind demons/spirits to their will and subjugate non-magical "...
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