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Questions tagged [barbara-pym]

Questions about the British novelist Barbara Mary Crampton Pym (1913–1980) and her works. If you are asking about a specific novel, use with the appropriate title tag.

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14 votes
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Did Philip Larkin use a swearword while quoting from Pym's Excellent Women?

In a letter to Barbara Pym dated 18 July 1971, Philip Larkin allegedly wrote: I reread Excellent Women before coming away—what a marvellous set of characters it contains! Sometimes it's hard to ...
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9 votes
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What does "Catholic privilege" mean in Pym's Excellent Women?

The narrator of Barbara Pym's Excellent Women is Mildred Lathburn, a clergyman's daughter in 1950s London. Here, Mildred's Welsh cleaning lady, Mrs. Morris, is complaining half-humorously about the ...
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