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Questions about works of B. S. Johnson (1933–1973), an English poet, novelist, and critic, or his life as a writer. Use appropriate individual works tags when needed; use the [poetry] tag when asking about his poems.

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Source of Brecht quote, "I'm not trying to prove I'm right, but to find out whether", in Christie Malry

In the B. S. Johnson book Christie Malry's Own Double Entry there is a quote attributed to Bertolt Brecht saying I'm not trying to prove I'm right, but to find out whether. I'm trying to find the ...
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What techniques were used in "The Unfortunates" in order to allow the story to be read in random order?

In reading the book "The Unfortunates," you are directed by the book's instructions to literally mix the chapters together, excepting the first and last chapter. This creates an interesting ...
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