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Questions regarding literary awards.

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Comparing the winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature, the National Book Award, and the Booker Prize

In what ways do the winners of these three awards differ? I'm surprised there is not more overlap when surveying the results. I understand that there are some variations in criteria between the ...
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For the purposes of being eligible for a Nebula award, what counts as "science fiction, fantasy, or a related fiction genre"?

I was looking at the rules for the Nebula awards. It turns out that the rules governing the award specifically state that a work has to belong to "the genres of science fiction, fantasy, or a ...
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How does the Nobel committee define literature?

As you probably know, Bob Dylan, a musician, was awarded the Nobel prize. He was the first musician to receive the Nobel prize. The Nobel committee, notably, seemed to avoid the word music when ...
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Who can nominate candidates for a Nobel Prize in Literature?

I was reading the Nobel Prize website page on the nomination and selection of Literature Laureates, and didn't quite understand the list of people and organisations eligible to submit nominations: ...
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How and why did the Swedish Academy decide to award Bob Dylan a Nobel Prize?

Setting aside the question of whether the award was appropriate/merited, why did the Swedish Academy award Bob Dylan a Nobel Prize? What is publicly known about how and why they made that decision?
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Why is the Nobel Literature Prize committee primarily staffed by Swedish nationals?

So far as I understand(I might be wrong), the 5 or so people that form the committee that decides who should get the Nobel Prize for Literature are primarily Swedish Nationals. Here's a list of the ...
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What is the process to be nominated for the Man Booker Prize?

The Man Booker Prize is often cited as one of the most prestigious awards for English literature. The selection process is supposed to be highly rigorous. But what's the process to be nominated for ...
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What is the oldest literary award?

The Wikipedia page for literary awards lists inauguration dates for international awards, and of those the earliest of those is the Nobel Prize in 1901. However, I don't know about non-international ...
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