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For questions about the concept of authorial intent. Please do not use this tag for questions about authors' intentions as they relate to a specific passage of text.

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Do advocates of authorial intent theories consider conscious intent on the author's part mandatory for something to constitute literature?

Related: Does computer-generated poetry, stories, etc. fit in any common definition of literature? And the associated reading challenge proposal that inspired the questions: https://literature.meta....
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Is "The Island of Doctor Moreau" about colonialism?

It is, certainly if you are told of it, inescapable to see the parallels between Moreau's converting beasts into men and England's "attempts" to civilize "colonials" (Did the ...
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What did European textbooks on teaching literature from the 1970s and 1980s say about the relationship between interpretation and authorial intent?

Literature Stack Exchange has several questions about autorial-intent. An example from 2021 asked Do literature interpretations actually reflect what the author had in mind? There are also many other ...
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