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Questions tagged [arthur-koestler]

Questions about the works of the Hungarian-born author and journalist Arthur Koestler (1905 – 1983) or his life as a writer. Koestler is best known for his anti-totalitarian novel 'Darkness at Noon'.

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7 votes
2 answers

What was Koestler's opinion of Hardy's translation of Darkness at Noon?

It is a well-known story that the original German manuscript of Darkness at Noon was presumed lost until relatively recently (2015), well after Koestler's death. The English translation by Daphne ...
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Why did the book held by Rubashov change title between different versions of "Darkness at Noon"?

The English translation of Koestler's Darkness at Noon was made in 1940 by Daphne Hardy. Since the original version of the manuscript was presumed lost, for many years this was the only copy of the ...
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5 votes
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Did Koestler coin "mimophant"?

Wikipedia says: Koestler is said to have coined the word mimophant to describe Bobby Fischer. There are two sources given for this statement. One of them is not a source but simply a quote defining ...
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In which language was The Gladiators first written?

The Wikipedia page on Darkness at Noon claims that its predecessor The Gladiators was first published in Hungarian, while the Wikipedia page on The Gladiators itself claims it was first written in ...
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How historically accurate is Koestler's The Gladiators?

The Third Servile War or War of Spartacus inspired several novels, including Arthur Koestler's The Gladiators, published in English in 1939. In the 1930s, Koestler worked mostly as a journalist, ...
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In what sense do The Gladiators, Darkness at Noon, and Arrival and Departure form a trilogy?

Arthur Koestler's three novels The Gladiators (1939), Darkness at Noon (1940), and Arrival and Departure (1943) are said to form a trilogy. The first is set during the Spartacus slave rebellion in 73 ...
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