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Questions about the play 'Arms and the Man' by George Bernard Shaw. Questions about this work should be tagged with [george-bernard-shaw].

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Why did Louka despise Raina from the very beginning of Shaws Arms and the Man?

In Shaw's play Arms and the Man, Louka, Raina’s maid, had somewhat bitter feelings for her mistress Raina. Why? From the first Act the dialogues of Louka do show her resentment (although it is subtle) ...
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Justifying the title of Shaw’s play “Arms and the Man”

The title of Bernard Shaw’s Arms and the Man is a reference to Virgil’s work, but why the reference? What similarity do they have? The title seems quite consistent if it is seen through the events of ...
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What’s the meaning of these lines spoken by Bluntschli?

In Act III of G. B. Shaw's play Arms and the Man everyone gets to know each other’s doings. Louka got engaged to Sergius, and Catherine agreed with Bluntschli’s and Raina’s relationship. But then ...
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Meaning of “a very splendid specimen of the wife of a mountain farmer”

George Bernard Shaw, in Act I of his play Arms and the Man, gives this introduction of Catherine: Catherine Petkoff, a woman over forty, imperiously energetic with magnificent black hair and eyes, ...
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Was Shaw's "Arms and the Man" inspired by Shakespeare?

In Act III of the play Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw, Sergius says to Louka, If these hands ever touch you again, they shall touch my affianced bride. Those words reminded me of ...
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