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Questions tagged [arabic-language]

Questions about works of literature originally written in any of the Arabic languages, including Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic.

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What are the jinn in The Case of the Animals versus Man?

The Case of the Animals versus Man is a 10th-century Arabic philosophical text about a court case held between humans, arguing that animals should rightfully be their slaves, and animals, arguing that ...
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How long did it take a scribe to manually copy the Quran before the invention of printing?

According to the article Your Copy of the Quran Was Probably Written by this Man (undated), A Mushaf usually requires more than 3 years to write a Quran and an additional year to proofread it. This ...
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Why is the Quran said to be the most beautiful Arabic literature?

Various sites on the Internet claim that the Quran is the most beautiful book written in the Arabic language, e.g. on Blogspot and a chapter from the course Keane World Religions on Course Hero. The ...
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Why is poetry so important in 1001 Nights?

I'm currently reading "1001 Nights", the first book, and I realized that a lot of characters seem to be very fond of expressing themselves through poetry, this seems to be true (I haven't finished the ...
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