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Questions related to Anne Frank (1929 – 1945), a Jewish girl whose diary Het Achterhuis (English: The Secret Annex or The Diary of a Young Girl) was published posthumously in 1947. The diary describes her life while she and her family were hiding in Amsterdam during the German occupation of the Netherlands in World War II.

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In Anne Frank's Diary, what does this quote mean? "Who besides me will ever read these letters? From whom but myself shall I get comfort?..."

What does this quote from Anne Frank's Diary mean? Who besides me will ever read these letters? From whom but myself shall I get comfort? As I need comforting often, I frequently feel weak, and ...
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In what way is Dussel an unflattering nickname?

From 16 November 1942 onwards, Anne Frank had to share her room with the dentist Fritz Pfeffer, who had a number of habits that Anne couldn't stand. In the German biography Anne Frank (Reinbek bei ...
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Why does Anne Frank have so many admirers at school?

Anne Frank writes: I have a throng of admirers who can't keep their adoring eyes off me and who sometimes have to resort to using a broken mirror to try and catch a glimpse of me in the classroom Is ...
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Is the house plan in Anne Frank's diary an artistic rendition, or is it sketched by Anne?

There is this image in the "Friday, 9 July, 1942" section of Anne Frank's diary; a design of the house which is popularly called the Secret Annex. Did Anne's original diary have a (rough) ...
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Sources for claims about the identity of Kitty, the addressee of Anne Frank's diary entries

Anne Frank addressed her diary entries to Kitty and there has been much conjecture whether this name referred to a real person or was inspired by one. The English Wikipedia article about The Diary of ...
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Why did Miep Gies write Anne Frank Remembered in English instead of Dutch?

Miep Gies was one of the persons who helped Anne Frank's family and several other people hide in the "secret annex". She also managed to retrieve Anne Frank's diary after the inhabitants of the secret ...
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First Dutch children's bible

In the second half of 1943, Anne Frank received a children's bible from her father. Her older sister Margot objected to the idea of giving Anne a Bible on Hannukah, so her father thought giving it on ...