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Questions tagged [alexander-pushkin]

Questions about the works of the Russian author Alexander Pushkin (1799 – 1837) or his life as a writer. Questions about his works originally in Russian should be tagged with [russian-literature].

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4 answers

When or where did Gustave Flaubert say that Alexander Pushkin's work was "dull"?

Tommaso Landolfi wrote that Flaubert, speaking about Pushkin, told to Ivan Turgenev: "Il est plat, votre poète." What are the sources? (plat, per Dictionnaire Le Robert, figuratively refers ...
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Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin, the “lost” chapter 10 in German

Is there a German translation of chapter 10 of Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin? The English one is available in ISBN 9780691019048." Pushkin destroyed chapter X of Eugene Onegin, leaving only the ...
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Which literary movement do Pushkin's Little Tragedies belong to?

Some say Pushkin quit Romanticism in year 1825. To which literary movement do his Little Tragedies (1830) belong to, then?
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What is the difference between romanticism and existentialism?

It seems existentialism and romanticism are both literary movements which (1) see a man as irrational, and (2) search for meaning in an individual's life. Can we say that these movements are ...
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How many people did Alexandr Sergeevich Pushkin kill in duels before d'Anthès stopped him?

I'm wondering, if duels were popular in Russia in Pushkin's times. 37 is a high number of years and Pushkin did shoot many humans, before was shot downed by d'Anthès. I'm trying to grep ru.wikipedia....
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Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin, the “lost” chapter 10

Is there an English translation of the surviving stanzas of chapter 10 of Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin? From Wikipedia: Pushkin wrote at least 18 stanzas of a never-completed tenth chapter. It ...
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How old was Tatiana during the main events of "Eugene Onegin"?

Eugene Onegin is a novel in verse, by the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. The main characters are Eugene Onegin, a young and bored man, and Tatiana, an even younger girl who falls in love with ...
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Did Pushkin ever deliberately copy the style of anyone else?

Beginning, or less talented, writers often consciously or subconsciously imitate the style of earlier creators. Are any works by Pushkin (past the age of 20) known to copy someone else's style, ...
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