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Questions tagged [alberto-moravia]

Questions about the life and works of the Italian novelist and journalist Alberto Pincherle (1907–1990), better known by his pen name Alberto Moravia. His works include Il Conformista (1947, translated as The Conformist, 1951), Gli Indifferenti (1928, translated as The Time of Indifference, 1953), and many others.

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Was the feeling of attraction towards a lower social class present in Moravia's "Agostino" discussed by critics?

Alberto Moravia's Agostino is clearly a Bildungsroman: the events that happened to the thirteen-year-old ingenuous protagonist during the summer of 1942 mark his entry into adolescence. But some other ...
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What's the significance of this sentence in the tale "Ladri in chiesa" by Alberto Moravia?

The tale Ladri in chiesa (Thefts in church) belongs to the book Racconti romani (Roman tales) by Alberto Moravia. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any translation to English of this short ...
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1 answer

Censorship reaction to Moravia's "La mascherata"

La mascherata is a novel by Alberto Moravia, published in 1941, during Italian fascist era. It is set in an imaginary dictatorship in Latin America. It is clearly a book against dictatorship. This ...
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Has complete Moravia's "Racconti romani" been translated to English?

At Internet Archive one can find a book with the title Roman tales, which is in fact a selection of Moravia's Racconti romani translated to English by Angus Davidson and published in 1959. In words of ...