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Questions about the English novelist and comic book writer Alan Moore (born 1953) and his works.

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Why does "Watchmen" use the 9-panel grid?

Watchmen, the 1986 comic written by Alan Moore and drawn/lettered by Dave Gibbons, is recogniseable (among other features) for the schematic of its comic pages - they all use the 9-panel grid: Image ...
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Does V reference Stanislaw Lem's "His Master's Voice", and if so, why?

I've recently been reading and re-reading Alan Moore and David Lloyd's V for Vendetta. After having skimmed through it multiple times and settling a few questions I had about the continuity, only one ...
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Does Dr. Manhattan have free will?

In Alan Moore's Watchmen, Doctor Manhattan is a superhero with godlike powers, including the ability to view his past, present, and future simultaneously. Manhattan believes that everything that ...
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Is there strong evidence that "room 5" in V for Vendetta was a conscious reference to Room 101?

In 1984, Room 101 is where people are taken to meet their worst fears. In V for Vendetta, room 5 is the room that V is kept in at Larkhill. Since it is labeled with the Roman numeral "V", it is ...
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