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Questions about the English novelist Alan Garner (born 1934) and his works. Garner's early novels are often labelled as "children's literature", even though the author never consciously set out to write for children.

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What aspects of quantum mechanics occur in "Treacle Walker"?

Treacle Walker is a (very) short novel by Alan Garner, the author of many classic works of children's fantasy. Published in 2021, it reached the shortlist of the 2022 Booker Prize. The Booker Prizes ...
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7 votes
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Is The Owl Service sexist in its negative portrayals of women?

Alan Garner's novel The Owl Service has a small cast of characters, three of whom are female. On reflection, all three appear to be portrayed in a rather negative light. Alison is something of a ...
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6 votes
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What point is the end of The Owl Service trying to make?

Pretty spoiler heavy question since it involves the book's end. Alan Garner's YA novel The Owl Service sees three characters roughly re-enacting a tragic love triangle from Welsh myth. Alison, the ...
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