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Questions about the Greek storyteller Aesop (c. 620–564 BCE), credited with the authorship of 'Aesop's Fables'. Use this tag with [greek-literature] or [latin-literature], depending on whether the question is about a Greek or a Latin version of his work.

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Are all Aesop's fables available in English?

There is an index of all Aesop's fables, called Perry Index, that was organized by Ben Edwin Perry in the 20th century. But some stories are nowhere to be found, like "579 - The Sword and the ...
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Identify a detailed-prose book of Aesop fables

At a school I no longer go to (Sydney, Australia, early 2010s, the book was in English), I read this book in the library that was a collection of Aesop's fables. The author had this very distinctive ...
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Aesop's ambiguous fables

I've been reading through some fables of Aesop's. I notice that some of them draw an explicit moral, but I don't know whether these were edited in later. For example, this version of "boy and ...
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