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Questions tagged [adaptations]

Questions related to adaptations of literary works. Adaptations can be other works of literature, or works in other media, such as film or song.

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Help understanding this Arcadia abstract referencing "Ted Chiang’s Story of Your Life (1998) and its filmic adaptation Arrival (2016)"

Israel Noletto and Sebastião Lopes's June 1, 2019 Heptapod B and the Paradox of Foreknowledge: Confronting Literature and its Filmic Adaptation in Arcadia is already challenging for me to read and ...
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Are there adaptations of Moby Dick that try to emulate the novel's diverse use of genre/styles?

The novel Moby Dick uses many different genres of writing (most famously the encyclopedia-style chapter on whale types, but also play-scripts, Shakespeare-style soliloquies, sermons, etc.). Are there ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Is it reasonable to use the movie version of a book to interpret the book when the same author wrote both?

Related: How much weight should we give authors' declarations of their intent after the fact? Just to give a concrete example of what I'm asking about, I'm thinking in particular about The Hunger ...
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7 votes
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How did The Witcher games affect the popularity of The Witcher books?

I often hear/read people saying that The Witcher books became popular because of the games, but I personally don't believe that. Recently I heard an interview with the Brazilian translator of the ...
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