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Questions tagged [a-moveable-feast]

Questions pertaining to the memoir 'A Moveable Feast' (1964) written by Ernest Hemingway. Use with the tag [ernest-hemingway].

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2 votes
1 answer

Why did Hemingway include the following in his book, the Moveable Feast?

Towards the end of his book, The Moveable Feast, about his times as an expatriate American in Paris, he quotes a conversation he overhears in an Inn, somewhere in the Swiss Alps which he is visiting ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Why is Hemingway's generation a ‘lost generation’?

I recently began reading Hemingway’s memoir, A Moveable Feast. In it, Hemingway and his contemporary Americans are described as a ‘lost generation’: It was when we had come back from Canada and were ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Are the numerous hunger references attributed to the title of A Moveable Feast?

In Ernest Hemingway's memoir, A Moveable Feast, there are several references to hunger, both physically and metaphorically. There are so many sorts of hunger. In the spring there are more. But ...
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