Poe's satirical short story A Predicament tells the story of a woman who is slowly decapitated by the minute hand of a large cathedral clock. In all its ridiculous, it was supposed to be a horror parody, a bit unlike much of the rest of Poe's writings. It was published in 1838; four years later, Poe published The Pit and the Pendulum, a serious and more elaborate short story where the protagonist narrowly escapes death at the hand of a swinging pendulum that comes closer and closer.

Given some of the similarities, I was wondering if Poe wrote The Pit and the Pendulum to further emphasize the absurdity of A Predicament and some serious works of the genre, or if he decided to write a serious story following a similar plot.

Did Poe ever comment on the similarities of the two stories? It's quite possible that he didn't, in which case I'd be absolutely fine with interpretations from the texts. Is there evidence from the stories that suggests that he intended the two to be alike?


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