Here's what I'm trying to say.

I'm creating a children's book for a school project. I've been tasked to identify some literary devices used throughout the book.

There is a section of the book which I want to highlight because it represents a major event. There's rhyming throughout the book. However, when the major event happens, the rhyming suddenly stops to produce a dramatic and eerie effect. I'm having trouble identifying what exactly this is.

What would you call that break in rhyming?
Would it be considered a literary device?


They built houses and cities, what a marvellous sight.
Oh how amazing it was, it just felt so right.

*Rhyming stops*

But it all came down suddenly.
They had nothing left.
It all fell, like the trees they cut.

*Rhyming starts again*

  *Story continues and rhyming persists till
         end of book*

Thanks in advance.

  • Since nobody else has answered, I would say that it would definitely be considered a literary device. I don't know a name for it. – Peter Shor Apr 2 '19 at 15:40

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