I've had a spanish friend tell me of a poem that is claimed to be by Rudyard Kipling. However i was tipped off to it probably not being a Kipling poem by several facts: one, the english translation was on a little visited blog https://sloyu.com/blog/english/2014/02/21/chose-life/ Two, it had an english translation! Lastly, it doesnt sound like Kipling, in theme or meter. It seems to be a spanish poem called elegi (meaning I chose). My question therefore, can anyone definitively say it isnt by kipling, possibly by identifying the true writer of the poem?

Googling it just gives me a small number of spanish language sites attributing the poem (in spanish) to Kipling, plus some ominous "results removed for data protection warnings" but here is a link to the same blog with the spanish version


  • A somewhat different version (attributed to "un paciente") appears here. But I can't figure out which version came first. – Peter Shor Apr 1 at 12:52

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