White rose in the garden
Raven puppy in the night
Stars reflecting all Heaven
Looking for it, not found
Moving through
Moving through
Nothing left for me to do

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    Welcome to Literature SE! It would help greatly if you could provide additional information about this poem. When did you read it and where? Is it an old poem? Since you added the [russian-literature] tag, is this your translation or someone else's? Commented Jan 24, 2019 at 18:59
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The only source I can find is on a fan fiction website, within a Russian language sub-site devoted to the TV series "Anna Detective".

The poem appears within a 2019 fanfic short story called Fiery Notebook by Andrey Mizin. According to the Google Translate version of the page, a note to the text says:

The work "Fiery Notebook" was written for the literary contest of Christmas stories in 2019 of the group "Anna Detective".

The poem itself is given in English within the Russian text, but it's not clear whether it's an original poem by Mizin, or has been borrowed (perhaps from a translation, given the slight changes to wording) from some other source. Mizin's wording is:

White flask rose in the garden
Raven puppy in the night
Stars reflecting all the heaven
Looking forward no fight

Stars reflecting all the heaven
They expect me to fall through

Moving through
Moving through…

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