The American journalist Edgar Snow, who is best known for his book Red Star Over China (1937), apparently managed to interview Lu Xun (1881 - 1936). According to Helmut Martin, who wrote an afterword to a German translation of The True Story of Ah Q (1921 - 1922), Edgar Snow asked Lu Xun whether there were still as many Ah Qs in China as at the time when Lu Xun wrote the story a decade earlier. Lu Xun responded (German translation):

Es ist schlimmer geworden. Jetzt regieren sie schon dieses Land!

("It has gotten worse. Now they are even ruling this country!" Translated from Die wahre Geschichte des Ah Q. Nachwort von Helmut Marting. Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp, 1982; page 113.)

Wikipedia gives the following translation:

It's worse now. Now it's Ah Q's who are running the country.

(The translation reads "Ah Q's", not "the Ah Q's"; this may be related to the fact that Chinese has no definite articles.) Wikipedia claims that the source is Denton "MOVE TO THE LEFT: 1927–1936", which is not in the list of sources, and which I have not been able to track down online.

My question is where and when Edgar Snow published the interview from which this quote is taken. It is definitely not in Red Star Over China (I couldn't find it in my own copy of the book).

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