Towards the beginning of Moby Dick there is a chapter which is dedicated to a character called Bulkington, in this chapter the Author addresses this as a "six-inch chapter"

Wonderfullest things are unmentionable; deep memories yield no epitaphs; this six-inch chapter is the stoneless grave of Bulkington.
- Moby Dick, Chapter 23 (The Lee Shore)

I was wondering: in which versions of the book was this actually a six inch chapter? Did any publishers take the time to make this a six inch chapter?

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    In the first American edition ,chapter 23 is slightly less than a page long, spanning pp. 117-118. Since the book measures 20 cm, or slightly less than 8 inches, after discounting the margins, it is a "six-inch" chapter. Jan 7 '19 at 22:02
  • The real question is not so clear to me either. According to mel.hofstra.edu/tracking-the-versions-moby-dick.html the first British edition's version of chap 23 is 2 full pages long, surely longer than 6 inches by any reckoning. The same source says that the American edition, although published shortly after the British, is Melville's earlier verison. (That page says the B version was set from the corrected page proofs of the A version.) Jan 8 '19 at 23:08

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