I remember reading this story in my Indian primary school curriculum and it had some impact on my thinking. It's about an NRI aunt coming to India to visit her niece and nephews while they are curiously waiting for her.

Plot: The kids start criticizing India on a random basis and become more biased, bickering, praising Canada, and showing signs of enviousness. The aunt calmly listens to them and tries to discuss it from every angle.

She shares how vibrant and unique Indian weather and culture is and how Canada is always cold. She talks about diversifying culture, languages, food, and a variety of things to do in India, and the kids start changing their minds.

Then one of the kids curiously asks, "then why are you even living in Canada and not India".

I forgot her answer and want to know that.

It might be from the early 90s.

Language: I guess English but can be Hindi.


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