"Gloria the Gift of Life" is a song by Andrea Bocelli. It's beautiful, but I can't quite figure out what it's about.

  • It seems like it could be God. "Gloria" is a traditional Catholic exaltation to God ("I raise my voice to sing") and the first few lyrics express gratitude for a variety of phenomena:

    For the air we breathe
    For the tears we cry
    For every melody
    For the times we break
    Even when we bleed
    For the morning sun

    Some of the other lyrics seem very inapt in this context, though: "You were just a child/ only yesterday/ and now here you are/ here on your wedding day." That's not something a believer would say about God.

  • It could be about a child (named Gloria, even). But why would you thank your child for "the air we breathe," and things like that?

  • It could be a romantic love song, certainly, since that is Andrea Bocelli's best-known genre. But somehow that doesn't seem quite right for a song about a child grown up, and, similar to the previous point thanking one's partner for things like the "the air we breathe" or "the morning sun" seems a little off.

Who is the subject of the song? Is there a clue in the lyrics? Has Andrea Bocelli mentioned anything about this?


It is indeed about a wedding. I guess the first verse is just general thankfulness for the (wedding) day (with God implied) before the second verse is more specific. Andrea Bocelli speaks about it in this video:

Andrea Bocelli - Gloria the Gift of Life (Commentary)

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    Can you summarize the video in your answer? – user72 Jul 4 '19 at 2:47

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