I'm trying to find a poem. I thought it was a Mary Oliver poem, but I can't find it when searching the few words I know along with her name.

The poem talks about a red tide coming in. There is a part where the poem mentions "memory".

I know I haven't given much information but does anyone know of a poem like this?

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    Hi, I see that you question has been migrated and this stack’s story-identification tag has been added. It would be very helpful, and improve your question’s reception if you click through on that tag and find the information page. There is a lot of advice and a checklist there for information to include, the more you can tell us the better chance of getting a successful ID. Anyway, welcome to LitSE, please take the time to make the tour and visit the help center too. – Spagirl Nov 12 '18 at 7:56

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