I saw this cartoon a couple decades ago and I believe it was from The Far Side but I am not certain.

It showed a cowboy-style theme where the champion ping pong player (a king of the mountain) was finally beat by a skilled kid.

The caption was something like this:

Well kid, you beat me. Now every paddle-packing player wanting to make a name for himself will come lookin' for you instead.


This is indeed a Far Side cartoon. In respect of Larson's request to not repost his comics online, I'm only posting a low-res version:
Ping Pong gunslinger

The text at the bottom:

"Well, kid, ya beat me -- and now every punk packin' a paddle and tryin' to make a name for himself will come lookin' for you! ... Welcome to hell, kid."

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  • I will admit that I don't know which collection this shows up. I will check tonight if someone doesn't scoop me on it. – Sean Duggan Sep 21 '18 at 17:39

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