I have a vague memory of a book my mum read to me before she passed away when I was very young. I think it was a book for young readers but it was decently thick. I'm from Australia, but I'm not sure if it's an Australian author, I think it might be. The story had to do with a rainbow coat and the theme was hypnosis. Might anyone have read this book or know about it? I'm almost certain I could recognise the book by the cover art, it was read to me maybe 10 years ago when I was around 12.

Maybe someone who read a lot as a teenager in Australia could tell me the name of this book.

  • I did a quick search with "rainbow coat hypnosis" (without 'square') and I got... this instead: "Harry the Hypno-potamus: Metaphorical Tales for the Treatment of Children" (direct link to PDF preview). The story of Molly Macaw on page 83 (page 13 on the PDF) mentioned "rainbow" and "coat", though I'm not really sure (and kind of hard to believe) if this is the book you meant... – Andrew T. Sep 20 '18 at 9:41
  • On the other hand, could you remember more, like the nuance (e.g. is it light-hearted story, or dark story), and maybe... some of the characters? If it's a collection of short stories, or a full story? – Andrew T. Sep 20 '18 at 9:45
  • This is just a thought but there was a musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. The story is based on the "coat of many colours" story of Joseph from the Bible's Book of Genesis. – DJohnson Sep 21 '18 at 12:59

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