The poem "Mirror of Truth" by Dee Raain is as follows:

What is seen in the mirror is nothing more than a person with lies and hate.
With sadness and traits
Of discrimination and disgrace.

What I see is a broken face of sadness.
With no hope to be filled with gladness.
More than can ever resent.
To have a heart broken and bent.

What I see in the mirror is someone who lost.
At the price of being cost.
With losing someone they love.
And being hurt so bad, it hurts to see them gone.

What I see in the mirror
Is me. The 'I am' and may have already became to be.
This is who I am and how part of my life is.
And unlike most for me this is the mirror of truth.

  • In the above poem, how does the poet use mirrors to highlight negative emotions of humans?

  • Is the author describing just himself, or humanity as a whole?

  • Also, is it right to think that in the last stanza, he is accepting his weaknesses, providing a positive touch to the poem?

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