I'm trying to track down a quote that, through a series of examples, expresses the author's desire to renounce any power they may have over the reader, each followed by their wish that the reader shall reciprocate in kind where necessary.

I'm sure I remember one line as mentioning a whip—something along the lines of 'Where I have the whip hand over you, I shall give it up, and where you have the whip hand over me, I shall hope that you would do the same' (although the exact phrasing of 'hav[ing] the whip hand over [another]' may well be me unconciously merging what I remember from the quote with Enoch Powell's "Rivers of Blood" speech).

The quote may have been from a non-fiction political or philosophical work, perhaps an anarchist or libertarian text if so (judging by the nature of the quotation).

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