It's difficult not to notice that the vast majority of heroes in Atlas Shrugged are unmarried and have no kids.

  • Dagny Taggart - unmarried, no kids
  • John Galt - unmarried, no kids
  • Francisco - unmarried, no kids
  • Hugh Akston - unmarried, no kids
  • Ellis Wyatt - unmarried, no kids
  • Quentin Daniels - unmarried, no kids
  • (many others)

There are a few notable exceptions:

  • Rearden is married but his wife is a malicious looter and his brother is a mooch and a weasel.
  • Ragnar Danneskjöld is married to Kay Ludlow, and there are a few children in the valley.

But there is certainly a trend and commonality that the heroes don't have families. Why is this? Is Rand anti-family? We know she was happily married, but I believe had no kids. Perhaps family connections in Atlas would have presented plot difficulties? Is she making a statement that families get in the way of industrial achievement?

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