During a meeting with some governmental officials that precipitated him joining the Strike, Hank Rearden demanded to know why they thought that their policies would work:

"Who will improve [conditions]?" "Mr. Rearden, people don't just stand still!" cried Holloway. "They do things, they grow, they move forward!"

Compare this to the discussion of Directive 10-289, which mandated that everything remain as it was. After learning that labor leader Fred Kinnan would have substantial power over the structure of the economy, Jim Taggart commented "I don't care. It doesn't matter. He'll have to hold things still. Everything will have to remain as it is. Just as it is. Nobody will be permitted to change anything." When Fred Kinnan asked how things were supposed to improve if everything was supposed to stay the same, Wesley Mouch's response basically boiled down to "don't be so cynical."

Why the sudden change here?

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