The song "You Don't Belong" by Bad Religion obviously references the SoCal punk scene they were a part of. In it, a number of people are mentioned by name.

Missy was a teen blue video star,
Tom took his life in his mother's car,
Milo went to college but you knew about that,
Todney played our records,
Jimmy started riots,
Laurie was always quiet,
she was battling depression


Jack wore a skirt but he knew how to scrap,
Billy went to county on a class one possession,
Wendy went to school while her daddy shot smack,
Eugene kept a list,
Mugger was security,
Mary she kept her purity,
we were all in it together

—"You Don't Belong" by Bad Religion, lyrics from their homepage

Who are they?

Some are obvious, like Milo who went to college or Rodney who played their records, but is it known who the others are?

Has the band ever talked about it in interviews?

I saw some speculation on a discussion board:

  • Missy — ?
  • Tom — Tom Clement, known from "I Give You Nothing"
  • Milo — Milo Aukerman, from the Descendents
  • Rodney — Rodney on the ROQ
  • Jimmy — ?
  • Laurie — possibly Laurie Anderson
  • Jack — Jack Grisham, from TSOL
  • Billy — Brett Gurewitz himself
  • Wendy — ?
  • Eugene — ?
  • Mugger — a roadie for Black Flag
  • Mary — ?

†: The lyrics on their official homepage have him as Jimmy, but a number of other sources have him as GG, referring to either Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn or New York punk icon GG Allin.

I've asked this question over on the Music Fans Stack, but didn't get a satisfactory answer. So I'm giving it a shot over here.


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