'meter' and 'rhythm' are termed in poetry and music. So what are their parallels? Their differences?

Source: Listening to Music (2013 7 ed, but ∃ 8 ed) by Yale Prof. Craig Wright:

[p. 463] meter: the gathering of beats into regular groups

[p. 465] rhythm: the organization of time in music, dividing up long spans of time into smaller, more easily comprehended units

Source: An Introduction to Literature (2007 15 ed, but ∃ 16 ed)

[p. 1590] meter
a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables. (723–726, 771–775)

[p. 1592:] rhythm
in poetry, a pattern of stressed and unstressed sounds; in prose, some sort of recurrence (for example, of a motif) at approximately identical intervals. (717–718, 725)

  • My opinion is that this is a huge, book-length question for which I have no specific answer. One useful resource is John Hollander's 1956 article The Music of Poetry. Another tack would be an advanced search on jstor.org using the keywords music and poetry.
    – DJohnson
    Jun 13 '18 at 17:32

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