Kling' hinaus bis an das Haus,
wo die Veilchen sprießen:
Wenn du eine Rose schaust,
sag', ich lass sie grüßen.

Is the original text "Veilchen spriessen" or "Blumen spriessen"? I have seen both versions.


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I consulted Heinrich Heine: Sämtliche Werke. Düsseldorfer Ausgabe, in 16 volumes, published by Hoffmann und Campe in the 1990s. (This is the same edition I consulted for this related question.)

The lines quoted in the question come from a poem starting with the line "Leise zieht durch mein Gemüt", i.e. poem VI of Neuer Frühling, which was included in the Neue Gedichte, published by Hoffmann und Campe in 1844.

In the Düsseldorfer Ausgabe, the poem is on page 14 of volume 2 (Neue Gedichte). According to the notes and comments (page 350f), the source of the line "wo die Veilchen sprießen" is the second reprint of Reisebilder von H. Heine. Zweiter Theil, published in 1831 (the first edition was published in 1827). However, the variant with "Blumen" appears to be the authoritative one.


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