In The Neverending Story, the main turning point is when Bastian gives the Childlike Empress her much-needed name, saves Fantastica, and enters into the story himself.

This name is "Moon Child", or "Mondenkind" in the original German.

What, if anything is the significance of this name? Since the whole story revolves around names and particularly Bastian's skill at naming things, and this particular name is of such vital importance to the plot, surely the author put a lot of thought into choosing it. Why "Moon Child"? Does this name have some deeper meaning, or even wordplay in the original German? Does it tie in somehow to the main themes of the story?

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    I have often thought that the name Moon Child was rather a disapointment! It isn't really that imaginative... – Mirte Mar 27 '18 at 12:04

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