I was looking at the rules for the Nebula awards. It turns out that the rules governing the award specifically state that a work has to belong to "the genres of science fiction, fantasy, or a related fiction genre":

  1. Eligibility

    a. All works first published in English, in the United States, during the calendar year, in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, or a related fiction genre are eligible for the Nebula Awards® in their respective categories.

However, I read the entire rules document, and I couldn't find a definition of "science fiction, fantasy, or a related fiction genre" anywhere in the document. Which naturally leads to the question: for the purposes of deciding whether a work is eligible to be nominated for a Nebula award, what does "science fiction, fantasy, or a related fiction genre" mean?

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    I'm not sure why this was downvoted... it seems like a reasonable question to me. I upvoted. Dec 19 '17 at 22:46
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    @EJoshuaS It may just be a matter of opinion, since the rule quoted is fairly vague, and the categories left undefined (apparently).
    – Mick
    Dec 20 '17 at 2:37
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    From the part you left out: "2. The Nebula Awards Commissioner will decide the eligibility of a questionable work." It sounds like the boundaries of science fiction, fantasy, and "related fiction" are up to the discretion of the Commissioner.
    – user14111
    Dec 20 '17 at 8:43
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    @Mick If they did, in fact, leave the categories undefined, that's actually an answer to the question (assuming, of course, there's evidence for that). Dec 20 '17 at 13:42
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    @user14111 interesting! I would love an answer that looks at the various ways different commissioners have drawn the line.
    – user111
    Dec 20 '17 at 14:23

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