This was a childrens novel with infrequent illustrations from maybe 10+ years ago. I think it was set in Australia or maybe South Australia? I'm going to start by describing the aforementioned creatures, as they're probably the most distinct and recognisable part.

  • They're sorta like slightly taller Furbys, more egg-shaped, with distinct arms.
  • They're especially squishy and stretchy.
  • They always, always agree to things. Saying "Oh, no doubt, no doubt" and other things. It's implied to be more just a derpyness/innocence to them.
  • I want to say that their names began with a "Woo" or maybe ended in "ble"?

These things were targeted by another made up race, and I want to call them the Gretchins or something. The latter species tries to enslave them, eat them, etc. but all of their plans fail.

At the climax of the book,

The blobs all fuse into one giant version of themselves.

That's all I really remember, other than the book in general being REALLY weird.

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