I recall a poem that talks about nature and the changing seasons (maybe Summer to Autumn, or Autumn to Winter) that ends with "...whispers, snow!"

I've Googled the phrase with and without punctuation and have read more poems about Autumn (that are also apparently metaphors about death) so before I sink even further into a black gloom, can anyone provide the poem and poet where this phrase appears?

  • If this seems right I’ll make it an answer. books.google.co.uk/…
    – Spagirl
    Nov 10, 2017 at 20:54
  • Thanks @Spagirl - though a lovely poem, it's not the one. I really appreciate your suggestion though! :-) Nov 10, 2017 at 21:25

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I started looking into this because I thought that I recognised the quote, but it rapidly led me to the same saturation of Autumn poems described above.

I finally found a variation on the phrase in the poem:

"Something told the wild geese", by Rachel Field.

Here is an excerpt from the poem:

'Something told the wild geese
It was time to go,
Though the fields lay golden
Something whispered, "snow."... '

Here's a link to this poem in case it's the one you were looking for.


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