On the Wikipedia page for The Story of Ferdinand, it says this:

The book was released nine months before the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, and was seen by many supporters of Francisco Franco as a pacifist book.[8] It was banned in many countries, including in Spain (where it remained banned until after Franco's death).[7] In Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler ordered the book burned (as "degenerate democratic propaganda"), while it was the only American children's book available for sale in Stalinist-era Poland.[7]
(emphasis mine)

Going to the reference marked [7], which is The Washington Post, there's this:

In Nazi Germany, Hitler burned the translation for being "degenerate democratic propaganda." When Berlin fell in 1945, 30,000 copies were immediately printed and freely distributed among the children in a mission of peace. In its 50 years, it has been translated into 60 languages and is said to have sold at least 2.5 million copies world-wide. It has been pirated -- and rewritten -- in the Soviet Union. It was the only American children's book available in Stalinist Poland, and a square in Warsaw has been renamed "Ferdinand." It remained banned in Spain until Franco's death.

...but I don't see anything about the 'many countries' that the Wikipedia page claims that it was banned in.

Is this Wikipedia page accurate, that it was banned in many countries? Which countries has it been banned in?


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