Digger is a webcomic about a wombat. On the comic published on April 12th, 2007, we're shown the archives of the Temple of Ganesh. You can view the comic online. Looking at the archives, several of the books in the archives have visible titles.

Is there a list of all the books whose titles are visible? I tried googling "digger archives of temple of ganesh" but didn't find anything.


I didn't know of any existing list, so I made my own. (?) means it's my best read but I think I'm probably wrong.

Leviticu2 (?)
Rats I Have Known
Black Dogs
King in Yellow
Chickens IV
Alice in Wonder Land
Chickens of the World II
I Am Mouse
Rlyeh Text III
Chicken II
Abridged History of the Cosmos–the First 50 Years
(this one was tricky, but Vernon had already told us what it says.)

And four pages later we see:

No Bad Frogs
Guide to Man

Looks like there's a D&D manual on the shelf in that panel too.

The rest of the titles in the chapter are either partials (Note- and Smo-), gibberish, or easy to make out (Atlas, Squid). Mention to Travels and Travails though, and Travel [illegible] on the Sou (or Son?).

  • I like that there are multiple books about chickens.
    – Ash
    Aug 2 '17 at 23:21

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