In about 1998, I found a used paperback that I liked, but gave the book away and can no longer remember the author's name. The book was remarkable in that it used only lowercase letters throughout. The one story I remember clearly is that she would find abandoned, broken-down cars on the side of the road (maybe fix them or something?) and drive them away. The stories were generally about her hobo/nomadic adventures - it was probably inspired a lot by 'On The Road'. The author's tone was not trying to be insightful, highbrow or shocking, just documenting a fascinating fun life.

I vaguely remember the cover being a warmer color, maybe orange, and the marketing blurbs mentioning the beat generation, which is why I bought the book in the first place.

I've looked all over at reviews and summaries of female beatnik authors - I don't believe it is one of these:

  • Elise Cowen
  • Anne Waldman
  • Hedwig Gorski
  • Edie Parker
  • Diane di Prima
  • Carolyn Cassady
  • Hettie Jones
  • Harriet Zwerling
  • Joanne Kyger

These two seem possible, but none of their books seem like it:

  • Janine Pommy Vega (inspired by 'On The Road')
  • Ruth Weiss (because of lowercase fetish, but style/content seems off)

I gave up looking for this long ago, but then thought maybe the internet can help. If you know the book or author, or where to look, please reply. Thanks

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    Hello, welcome to Literature Stack Exchange. Please take a the story identification guide; is there anything else that you remember? The tour, How to Ask, and How to Answer are also good to look through. I hope that you find the book, and I hope to see you around!
    – Mithical
    Jun 24, 2017 at 23:25
  • Hopefully it will attract a contributor with an exhaustive knowledge of the beats. ruth weiss seems like a good guess based on her political use of lowercase. (I used to consort with poets who had such knowledge, but that was in my younger days;) Nevertheless, this is a very interesting question!
    – DukeZhou
    Aug 8, 2017 at 21:13


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